Value additions for workshop participants

Discount Options for Workshop Participants

  • 10% Discount for Early Birds: Confirm your registration eight days before the workshop and avail 10% discounts
  • 15% Group Discount: Participate as group of more than 3 people and avail 15% discount on total fee
  • 10% Discount for Last Participation: Claim 10% discount if you have attended any one of (immediate) last three workshops

Note: Only one type of discount is offered for a workshop

Value Added Services for Workshop Participants 

  • The workshop participants are welcomed to contact IRP for required articles which are not free accessible in their universities. Please send titles with references and we will try to get it for you
  • IRP supports its participants for getting Research Software through discounted prices or alternative sources.
  • The workshop participants are also offered to get expert opinion on their research design, process and analysis from IRP network.
  • Customized learning session after each workshop to solve application issues of participants related to conducted workshop