Effective Management of Research and Technology Offices- ORICs/TTOs

Two Days Workshop

The Module Description

The workshop is designed for management of technology transfer offices or personal responsible for R&D management in the institutions. They are called office of research innovation and commercialization (ORIC) in Pakistan. This module is an extract of seven years extensive research and practices in the field of technology management. The module presents best practices for ORIC and effective management tools and techniques. The module relates ORICs with local environment and builds capacity of the participants to design and manage research offices according to needs of researchers, industry and public sector policies.

Are you worried about?

  • Setting up a new technology and research support office
  • Ineffective management of current research support office
  • Non-performing management
  • Being not able to promote technology culture
  • Being not able to sell institutional technologies
  • Being not able to inspire scientists and industry to work together

The workshop is designed to help you make a turn around

Workshop Objectives

  • To identify real challenges for research support office – ORICs/TTOs
  • To share effective management practices
  • To build management capacity to run ORICs/TTOs successfully
  • To enable ORICs/TTOs to design effective research incentive system
  • To help ORICs/TTOs plan effective IP policy for the institution
  • To share the best practices for collaborations, partnerships and alliances

What Participants Will Get?

  • Exposure to successful TTOs/ORICs
  • Learn how TTOs/ORICs ensure university impact on the society and industry
  • Resource Material on Management of ORICs/TTOs
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Networking and Interaction

Learning Methodology

  • Case studies
  • Conceptual presentation
  • Discussion and presentation by participants
  • Keynote addresses by CEOs
  • Challenging exercises

Who Should Attend?

  • R&D personals
  • Officers of R&D institutions
  • Management of ORICs/TTOs
  • Technology consultants
  • Innovation managers
  • Officers of related public sector

Why Should Attend?

The resource persons have developed and published a management manual to effectively run technology transfer offices /ORICs in the institutions. The module is based on this technology management manual. The module is designed to address the management challenges of local research and technology offices. The focus of module is on how to understand environment of scientist and industry, design effective incentive system and offer facilitation services to make technology transfer process happen. The module enables management of ORICs/TTOs to work on bottlenecks and driving factors through the policies and system of technology transfer management.

Table of Contents – Day 01

Session 01- Fundamentals of ORICs/TTOs Management

  • Objectives and Roles
  • Infrastructure and Operations of ORICs
  • Human Resource of ORIC
  • Evaluation of ORICs
  • Incentives for ORICs Staff
  • Financials of ORICs

Session 02- Managing Industrial Fit of Technology – The Eco System

  • Managing the context and environment
  • Managing the target industry
  • Managing the influencers – regulators, social activists, taxes and duties etc
  • Managing the competition and trends
  • Session 03 -Operation Management of OIRCs/TTOs

Addressing the trust gap- trust building measures – TBM

  • Managing faculty participation in industry activities
  • Managing faculty exposure to industry needs
  • Managing industry participation in academic research
  • Administration support services
  • Quality controls for technology projects

Table of Contents – Day 02

 Session 04 -Technology Management through ORICs/TTOs

  •  Managing technology selection for faculty
  • Managing technology contract
  • Managing  regular reporting of technology project
  • Managing research support – funding, consumables, labs etc

 Session 05 – Incentive Systems to Drive Technology

  • Designing incentives for graduates – research workers
  • Designing incentives for faculty – the scientists
  • Designing incentives for heads and deans – higher management
  • Designing incentives for industry – supporters, users and investors

 Session 06 – Performance Assessment to Drive Technology

  •  Assessment system for graduate studies
  • Faculty appraisal for technology contribution
  • Department appraisal for technology contribution
  • ORIC /TTOs appraisal for technology contribution

Session 06 – Developing IP Policy

  • Role of ORICs/TTOs in IP policy
  • Formulation of IP policy for institution
  • Implementation of IP policy
  • Assessment and revision in IP policy

Learn From the Academicians and Practitioners

The module has background experience of almost seven years working in technology management and innovation planning.

Mr. Rahmat has been doing technology policy workshops for last four years in all over Pakistan. He helped many ORICs to design and develop effective operations. He is also part of global innovation community through triple helix association. He has experience of marketing, sale, business management and technology transfer from academia to industry. Read more 

Dr. Mir Dost is doctor of philosophy (PhD) in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Thailand. He has expertise in knowledge and innovation management. He has delivered his academic and research work i Pakistan and abroad, he also has publications in reputable research journals. Read more 

Mr. Naveed Ashraf has 10 years of experience in large scale manufacturing organization as part of very large business group. As R&D manger, he experiences number of technology transfer from local institutions, international market and multinationals in form of joint venture. Mr. Naveed has been training faculty members all over Pakistan for last many years on how to manage technology transfer from academia to Industry. Read more