Technologies Ready for Industry

IRP aims to commercialize technologies gone through lab trials

Ready Technologies

We are looking for commercial partners for investments

1) Chemical Stabilizer (Organic) of Rice Bran Oil – Countries like Pakistan do not process and export rice bran oil due to high input cost of processing. University scientists associated with IRP have developed a natural stabilizer which prevents oxidation in rice bran and stabilizes it for long time. This make the venture of rice bran feasible. The bran of rice can be stabilized at rice processing unit at very low cost (just mixing of solution) and transported to oil industry for oil extraction and other processing.

2) Decorative Tiles from Marble Slurry – There is lost of wastage of ceramic powder spared duri9ng cutting of marble tiles. Scientists with IRP has developed a processing of producing tiles from this waste and offered freely to interested investors. IRP also provide design of plant and services till operations.  It is less capital intensive project and can be started with few hundred thousands.

Download report of tiles from marble slurry

3) Glucose from Rice Nukka – Maize and rice are major source of Glucose used in food processing and other industries. Scientists associated with IRP have developed this process and ready for commercial production. The investors like food industry will find it more feasibility as they can reduce few steps and produce glucose at very less cost for internal usage. IRP encourage food industry as user of Glucose to save millions by integrating this process.

4) Mica Based Color Pigment+Mica Powder – Cosmetics industry uses mica based color pigments very extensively.  IRP associated scientists have developed nine (9) colors and ready for commercial production.  We also offer technology of making mica powder.

Download report of mica powder and mica colors technology

Note: IRP does not share technologies which are contracted for sole partners and have been exclusively purchased by investors.

Contact:  Yasir – – Rahmat – 0321-4917181

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