Tech Success Stories

Date Palm Technology from Lab to Market 

HEC funded project in Date Palm Research Institute, Shah Abdulatif University, Khairpur has succeeded in completing the journey from lab to market in few years. The biotechnology tissue culture lab is great success as it started supplying high quality plants to growers.

Prof. Dr. G. S Markhand is the key person behind this success story who is heading this lab.

The impact of this lab is seen on economy due to high quality plants supply that will bring fruits much earlier than tradition plants.

Removing Risk of Fungus Development 

The chemical company faced problem of fungus development in its products after some time. Dr. Imran, assistant professor from QAU, Islamabad along with his students conducted detailed analysis. They identified they problems and developed remedial plan for the company.  The company prevented lot of future damages and got its product improved after controlling this contamination.

Affluent Treatment and Analysis 

A chemical company identified water treatment issue as serious one in coming days. They wanted to identify issue in each of their plant to develop treatment strategies.

Dr. Irfan Shaikh and his students from College of Earth & Environmental Sciences – University of the Punjab conducted discharge analysis, identified risk attached to each plant and proposed treatment strategies for the company.

Application to Automate Data Feeding 

An Academic Publisher conducts research and development activities and collect data from students. The data used to be entered manually. Mr. Farooq Ali of Computer Science Department, UMT developed an application for  AFAQ to automate data feeding. The company saved lot of money and time.

As an example, those papers that are written in the wrong tone are of a academic writing help poor quality.