IRP Technology

IRP works for commercialization of technologies gone through the lab trials. IRP works for entire process of commercialization from lab to pilot testing and commercial scale production. IRP also serves for contract research for international research projects.


Our objective is to facilitate and manage the process of technology development and its transfer from laboratories to viable production level and commercialization 

Working Areas

IRP works for commercialization of technologies which have been gone through the lab trials or in the process of trials. IRP can also assist the processing of idea towards lab scale level.

The most significant role of IRP is in commercialization of your products by pushing the processes to an applied level.  We also serve for outreaching and providing opportunities for the participation in the various international research projects. 

What can we do for you?

o    Facilitating the technology management in lab trials provided the research is of applied nature

o    Managing the pilot testing of technology

o    Facilitating initial production of newly developed technologies

o    Field trials and testing of new products/ technologies / processes along with their economic feasibilities

o    Managing partnership and contract between industry and scientists

o    Managing intellectual property rights and patenting etc.


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