Technology Workshops

Developing Industry Driven Technologies – Approaches and Techniques (8 hrs duration)

by IRP, PASTIC and other partners

IRP is a research promotion platform with social aim of supporting creativity, innovation and research. We regularly conduct seminars, symposium, exhibitions and other kind of events to promote research issues. IRP works for capacity building of scientists and improve their capability to develop industry needed technology.

IRP offers workshop on Developing Industry Driven Technologies – Approaches and Techniques (8 hrs duration)  for the scientists willing to do applied research. The workshop is offered freely by IRP and partner organizations like PASTIC, PHMA, SRC (Shafi Reso Chem), Kay & Emms and Technology Internationals etc.   Universities and R&D organizations are requested to host this workshop by providing venue and refreshment (if needed) to the participants.

The workshop is based on case studies of products gone through identification, planning, lab works, pilot testing and production scale.

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The Objectives

•    To orient researchers on how projects are identified in industry
•    To make researchers understand about issues of process of technology
•    To train researchers on lab trails requirements of industry driven project
•    To share with researchers about pilot scale issues and challenges
•    To train research officers about commercialization process
•    To share publication opportunities from applied research

The Contents of Workshop

Registration- Introduction
Technology Based Development- Process and Approach
Tea Break
Industrialization of Local Technologies – The Cases Study of Locally Developed Industries  
Technology Development – Issues and Challenges of Different Phases:  Identification, Planning, Lab Trials, Pilot Trials, Production Scale  
Social Innovations – Enablers for Technology Ventures  
Lunch Break
Research into Technology- Research Vs Commercialization- A Case of 100 Years Journey of Xerox
Tea Break
Working on Applied Research- Enabling Environment  

Planned and Executed Workshops

Workshops on Developing Industry Driven Technologies – Approaches and Techniques

  • 15th April 2015 in BUITEM University , Baluchistan
  • 14th April 2015 in University of Baluchistan
  • 25th February 2015 in Sindh University
  • 24th February 2015 in Qaud e Awam University, Nawabshah, Sindh
  • 23rd February 2015 in Mehran University Sindh
  • 17th February 2015 in University of Sargodha
  • 22nd January 2015 in UET- Faisalabad
  • 7th January 2015, in Bahriya University
  • 6th January 2015, in Karachi University
  • 5th January 2015, in NED Karachi
  • 11th Dec 2014, in COMSATS Abbottabad
  • 23rd October 2014 in BZU Multan
  • 2nd October 2014 in University of Haripur, Haripur
  • 27th September, 2014 in University of Agriculture Faislabad, Pakistan
  • 22nd September 2014 in University of Management and Technology, Lahore Pakistan
  • 29th July 2014 in Kohat University of Science and Technology, KPK, Pakistan
  • 25th May 2014 in University of Malakand, KPK, Pakistan
  • 20th March 2014 in University of the Punjab

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