Technology Commercialization – Making Ideas Reach to Market

Two Days Workshop on

Module Description

The technology management is a fundamental capability to boost impact of research and development. Technology management skills help to transform your idea into salable innovation. The expertise in technology and innovation management also helps in gaining maximum returns out of your innovation through better planning, negotiation, contract and other technology sale dealings. Such skills are very much essential for scientists, research students, technology managers, ORIC staff and everyone involved in R&D process.

The course is a premium module, designed to equip you with technology management and commercialization skills.

Are you?

  • Facing difficulty in finding economically potential ideas?
  • Interested to learn how to assess economic potential?
  • Willing to plan and execute your idea into product and service?
  • Looking for the effective partnership skills
  • Interested to protect and manage your intellectual property
  • Interested to get maximum return from sale of your technology

This workshop has the answer for you

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Workshop Objective

  • To make researchers understand life cycle of technology development and commercialization
  • To enable researchers get maximum financial reward for their technology
  • To make researchers understand IP, IP Policy, IP commercialization and exploitation
  • To develop researchers as skillful to deal with industry, funding agencies and other stakeholders to enjoy maximum
  • support for their projects

Course Methodology

The course is very practical and based on practical exposure of resource persons. The course includes:

  • Conceptual Presentation
  • Case Studies
  • Quizzes and Exercises
  • Group Discussions
  • Presentations by Participants
  • Videos

Who Should Participate?

  • PhD and MS Students
  • Scientists, Researchers and Faculty Members
  • R&D Managers
  • ORIC Staff /TTO Officers /Research Managers
  • R&D and Technology Consultants
  • IP Lawyers and Consultants

What Participants will Get?

  • Certificates
  • Relevant Resource Material
  • Exposure to Technology Case Studies
  • Exposure to Technology Successes and Failures
  • Learning on How to Monetize Technology/IP
  • Learning on how Exploit Research for Maximum Returns


Table of Contents – Day 01

Session 01- Enabling Environment for Technology Management




·         Technology Eco System and Dealing with  ORICs /TTO

·         Technology Transfer Framework

·         Economic Cycle of Technology Project

·         Role of Partners in Technology Development Stages


Rahmat Ullah

The technology success is very much linked with the environment around. The scientists having good understanding how to play with environment have higher chance to get it commercialized. The scientists will understand importance of technology cycle, transfer framework and how to manage the environment to succeed along with various partners at various phases.
Session 02- Industrial Fit of Technology  – The Eco System



·         Understanding The Context and Environment

·         Understanding the Target Industry

·         Understanding The Influencers – Regulators, Social Activists, Taxes and Duties etc

·         Understating the Competition and Trends


Dr. Hamid Malik

The end users of technology are the industry that consists of producers, users, suppliers and traders. The biggest challenge of technology is to get accepted in the industrial environment. The participants will learn how environment affect the technology decision and help in success and failures.
Session 03- Planning and Execution of Technology Project
  ·         Economic Analysis of Technology

·         Technical Qualification of Technology

·         Competition and Growth Trends

·         Planning Technology Entry

·         Crafting a One Page Business Plan


Eng. Hasham Ahmed

The technology development process misses lot of things that causes failures at the end. Our experience of managing technology projects urges to identify these bottlenecks during the development process. The participants will learn how to ensure that technology qualifies all the requirements of investors and end users at the end.
Table of Contents – Day 02
Session 04- Managing IP for Technology Facilitators
  • Dealing with University IP Policy
  • Understanding IP Stakeholders and Partners
  • Designing Effective Protection Modes
  • Drafting Technology Disclosure – CDA
  • Writing  Patent Draft
  • Filing Patent
  • Drafting Technology Contract


Dr. Zaffar Mahmood

The benefits to scientists, institutions and team are ensured by effective management of IP. The stronger IP protection presents the higher likelihood of earning more money from the technology. The secret of technology monetization lies in the IP management. The participants will learn practical tips and guidelines on how to use IP to maximize financial gains from technology.
Session 05- Selling your Technology
  • Maximizing IP Value
  • Strategies for Earning Maximum Revenue
  • Effective IP Negotiation
  • Distribution of Technology Income
  • Converting Technology into Business – Tech-Business Fit
  • Technology Diffusion and Implementation

Rahmat Ullah

The commercialization of technology is the great art nicely managed by professional technology transfer officers (ORIC in Pakistan). The better understanding of scientists about technology selling tactics helps to win better technology deals.  The participants will learn negotiation, turning technology into business and how successfully implementation brings higher amount of revenue in technology sale.
Session 06 – Production of Technology Product – Challenges 
  • Raw Material Selection
  • Lab Scale Challenges in the Universities
  • Pilot Scale Challenges in the Industry
  • Production Scale Challenges in the Industry

Mr. Naveed Ashraf

The investors understand the business and financial gains out of business instead of technology. All the eyes are stuck at the production stage as technology success depends on successful consistent and sustainable production. Here number of disciplines and expertise interact and affect the technology fit with production set up. The participants will understand the challenges of production environment and how to help industry succeed in this phase of technology development.


Learn from the Practitioners

The resource persons are practically dealing with technology management process for the last many years. They have experience of technology success and failures. They picked number of technologies from academia and transferred to industry for pilot and commercial scale production. The participants will get real life exposure and field based experience of technology identification, execution and transfer to industry.

Mr. Rahmat has been doing technology policy workshops for last four years in all over Pakistan. He helped many ORICs to design and develop effective operations. He is also part of global innovation community through triple helix association. He has experience of marketing, sale, business management and technology transfer from academia to industry. read more 

Dr. Zafar Mahmood  is a PhD from The University of Queensland. He is academically gifted personality with a University Gold medal on his record. He has his qualifications both in scientific fields and in business education. Read more 

Eng. Hasham Ahmed did his material engineering from NUST Pakistan and joined cooperate world. He has successfully run plant of lead recycling as plant engineer for five years. Later he served chemical industry as technical manager for three years. read more 

Mr. Naveed Ashraf has 10 years of experience in large scale manufacturing organization as part of very large business group. As R&D manger, he experiences number of technology transfer from local institutions, international market and multinationals in form of joint venture. read more 

Dr. Hamid runs own engineering company in rice sector, provide machinery and consults for setting up large scale plants. He advises large scale investors for rice industry for technology, production, civil engineering and market dynamics to succeed in rice business.  He got Post-Graduation from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, MBA Finance from COL(Commonwealth of Learning), PGD Agri Business  from Marryland University USA and PGD Agro Supply Chain  from IBA Karachi. read more