Invention to Innovation Summit 2013

+ UIP Exhibition on Innovative Technologies

Two-Day – 9-10 April, 2013 in Punjab University-Lahore

Innovation Summit is an annual event to exhibit industry driven ideas, products and technologies in Pakistan. The Summit provides great opportunity to network with innovation gurus, find commercial partners, promote technology and link your idea with stakeholders. The summit also creates a competition for innovation by providing Innovation Awards for Technology, Products and Ideas.

The technologies presented in the summit are supported for funding, commercialization and further developments

Innovation Summit Includes

  • Keynote speeches of innovation gurus
  • Case Studies of successfully commercialized technologies
  • Case studies on how to innovate
  • Expert lecture on how to protect your innovation
  • Expert lectures on how to market your technology
  • Expert lectures on innovation policy and planning
  • Lot more …………

                    Organized By


                    Managing Partners


Strategic Partners

What you can Display

  • Industry –                         Exhibit Innovative Products through Stalls
  • Academia-                       Exhibition Innovative Technologies through Stalls
  • Students/Researchers –    Display Posters of Innovative Ideas (free open space)

Award Categories

  • Three Most Innovative Technologies (for R&D institutions and Universities)
  • Three Most Innovative Products (for industry)
  • Three most Innovative Ideas      (for Students)

          Networking Dinner for the Exhibitors ….  Certificates for the Exhibitors …. Shields for Participating Organizations

Technical Sessions of Innovation Summit

  • Technical Session 01 on Technical Textile  Technologies by Society for Technical Textile, National Textile University – Organizer: M. Ahsan  /   /   0321-8534647

  • Technical Session 02 on Chemical Technologies   by Chemical Engineering Department, University of the Punjab – Organizer: Eng. M. Nasif  /  /  0321-4142284 

  • Technical Session 03 on Pharmaceutical Technologies by Research Office, ISRA University Organizer: Dr. Zahid Iqbal   /   /  0321-8503365

  • Technical Session 04 on Rice Technologies by Institute of Agriculture Sciences, University of the Punjab -Organizer: Dr. Shinawar Waseem  / Ali  /  0311-4146456

  • Technical Session 05 on Food Processing Technologies by Department of Biotechnology, Quaid-I-Azam University -Organizer: Dr. Zaffar Mahmood  /  /  0324- 5481777

  • Technical Session 06 on Automotive Sector Technologies by School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, NUST -Organizer: Eng. Shehzada Iqbal  /  /  0302-8548610

  • Display of Innovative IT/ICT /MIS Technologies as solutions for local problems/business needs — Orginzier:   Sami /  / 0302-5159020

All the technical sessions are organized by various universities. Each session includes industry speech on business challenges, response by academic panel on local solutions, and participative discussion by participants from industry and academia. Each session also includes related technologies exhibited by the university scientists.

Find here detailed program of sessions

Presidential Conference by Presidents of All Punjab Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Sargodha Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing presidential meeting to discuss agenda of “Industrial Growth through Local Innovative Technologies” on 10th April 2012 at 2pm-4pm in the summit.

Find here detailed program of presidential meeting

Venture Capital Session- Technologies for Commercialization- The Vital Options for Investment

•   Drug Delivery Method through Nanotechnology
•    Stevia – A Natural Sweet Alternative
•    Starter Culture  – An Import Substitute for Dairy and Health Sector

Organized by  Dr. M. Jahangir, Head, Quality Enhancement Cell, University of Haripur –   –  0300-5233057

Why to Participate in Innovation Summit

  • To listen experiences of innovators
  • To network with creative minds
  • To liaison with stakeholders of your idea
  • To be the part of the innovative community

Why to Exhibit Innovative Technology by Academia  

  • To find investor of your technology
  • To get support for commercialization of your technology
  • To get R&D funding from PSF
  • To find related expertise and support
  • To link your research with industry stakeholders
  • To win Innovation Award

Why to Exhibit Innovative Products by Industry

  • To gain social welcome for your innovative product
  • To improve branding of your innovative product
  • To get financial support for further R&D of product
  • To get technical support of university scientists
  • To find more innovative technologies
  • To promote your organization as innovative one

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How to Support Innovation Summit

  • Exhibit your product and technology
  • Share your successful innovation case
  • Sponsor a stall or activities
  • Sponsor Innovation Award  
  • Join as “Innovation Ambassador”
  • Be the part of management
  • Promote on social, print and electronic media


For Sponsorship and Stalls

For Media and Promotion

Lahore Fahad Fadi Manager, Innovation Summit 2013Institute of Research Promotion –IRPFloor 7, Flat 11, Central Plaza, Barkat Market, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan 35846988  –  0315-6757242 Karachi Rashid Ansari Manager, National Forum for Environment & Health309 – Alsehat Centre, Hotel Regent Plaza, Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi-Pakistan. hiansari@gamil.comTel: 021-35653676 Fax: 021-35651797Cell: 0301-2222556   Ali Hamza, Manager, Media Relations, Innovation Summit, 20130300-4368873 Waseem Raza, Manager, Social Media, Innovation Summit,    0321-4118442

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