Simulation Modeling for System Design and Analysis

Concepts, Modeling and Applications through Software

Simulation Modeling is very powerful tool in science discipline, particularly in engineering to plan effective experimentation. In today’s IT dominated world, simulation modeling is done through Software application. Software application not only eased the life of scientists but also improved the likelihood of predictability, assurance and accuracy.
Simulation Modeling through Software help to improve the performance of existing systems and increase effectiveness of new system designs. It cuts expenditures, over utilization of resources, reduces risks and decreases number of experiments in system designing.

worried about                  Are you worried about?

•    Number of experiments and prototype development
•    Utilization of resources inappropriately
•    Lot of cost and energies wastage
•    Lot of design and compatibility issues
•    Unforeseen risks and problems in system



  •     Onsite :                TBA
  •     Online:                TBA
  •     Duration:           Two Days
  •     Pre-requisite:  Involvement in research  process of pure and applied sciences
  •     Method:              The module consists of lectures, activities, and discussion of participants
  •     Time:                   9:30am-5:00pm

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Objectives of workshopobjectives

•    To orient scientists and engineers about simulation modeling
•    To train participants on doing simulation modeling
•    To train participants on using Software for simulation
•    To train participants on analysis and presentation of simulation results

Benefits of Software Simulation to Industry

•    Lesser number of experiments
•    Increased efficiency, effectiveness and performance
•    Reduced risk of under and over utilization of resources Islamic 8
•    Manipulation of variables, conditions and specifications
•    Reaction, response and impact of many alternatives

Benefits of Software Simulation to Academia and other people 

•    Consultancy opportunities in industry
•    Higher job possibility due to simulation expertise
•    Better teaching and training
•    Increased research activities
•    More chances of quality publications

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Major Learning Areas

Day 01
•    Fundamental concepts of simulation modeling
•    Important analytical techniques in Simulation Modeling
•    Critical problematic areas in Simulation Modeling
•    Optimizing Model through improved simulation
•    Making model valid, credible and economical
•    Comparative analysis for new system designs
•    Process innovation in existing plants and processes
Day 02
•    Selection and usage of Software for simulation modeling
•    Orientation to variety, features and objective of simulation software
•    Conceptual studies about the working principles of software
•    Creating simulation modeling software environment
•    Optimizing model through comparative and alternatives
•    Obtaining results and flow sheets by simulation software
•    Case studies on effective simulation modeling
•    Economic evaluations

Program Details

•    Date; 12-13 April, 2013 -Online   and 19-20 April, 2013 – Onsite
•    Duration; Two Days
Who should attend?who should attend

•    MS and PhD students of pure and applied sciences
•    Faculty and researchers of science and engineering
•    R&D managers of industry
•    Production managers
•    Quality assurance and quality control managers
•    System and design analysts

What you will get?
•    Certificates and CDs
•    Networking with Scholars
•    Post workshop services
•    Discounts for next workshops
•    Collaboration for joint research
•    Support for research grants and funding

investment of workshop

Local (Within Pakistan)

Foreign (Other than Pakistan)

  • Individual Participation Fee: Rs. 3500/Participant – Online
  • Institutional Participation Fee: Rs. 35,000/up-to 20 Participants-Online
  • Individual Participation Fee: Rs. 7000/Participant – Onsite
  • Group Participation: Rs. 6000/Participant – for 3 and more nominations
  • Individual Participation Fee:    $40/Participant/ online
  • Institutional Participation Fee: $400/up-to 20 Participants/ online

Note: Registration must be confirmed 5 days before the workshop date

Please Dispatch crossed cheque/draft in favour of “Institute of Research Promotion” (A/C: 01300060007894), Faisal Bank, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan or  Transfer through on-line banking or ATM. Postal address: IRP, Suit No. 11, 7th Floor, Central Plaza, Barkat Market, Garden Town, Lahore-Pakistan.

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  • M. Zeeshan Sheikh – Cell: +92-321-4516964  –  Landline: +92-42-35846988  –  Email:

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