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Innovation Summit is annual event organized to develop an exchange between researchers and research users. The summit is an open place for visitors. The stakeholders from industry, academia, public sector and social sector are invited to visit technologies and attend conference sessions.

Display Innovations of Academia

Professors of universities and R&D organizations are known for innovative ideas, new technologies and research work. Display your ideas, technologies in labs and pilot scale development in the exhibition. This is right place to promote your innovation and link with potential donors, investors, supporters and users of your technologies

Display Industry Technologies

Exhibit your innovative products developed and commercialized by your industry. Innovation Summit is a place to boost your image of innovation and progressive organization. Display your product, process and business model having proven track of technological innovation.

Be Part of Innovation Summit

We invite industry, academia, public and social sector organizations to support the annual innovation summit. You can share expenses, extend sponsorship support, fund innovation awards, fund travel and stay of students /guests and offer other managerial and operational support.


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