Policy for Applied Research

IRP is working for last many years with scientists of universities and tying to get technologies for industry. IRP has analyzed that why faculty is unable to deliver industry needed technology. A review team has found serious needs of policy revisions for applied research. IRP has found that:

  • Performance and appraisal of scientists and institutions is based on publishing leaving no room for applied research
  • Academic polices are in favor of publishing and less for applied research
  • Current work load of faculty does not spare them for applied research
  • Entire systems and culture is suitable for teaching and publishing and not for industry driven research
  • Students are not inspired nor challenged to do applied research
  • Industry finds no incentive to invest in local university based technology

IRP approached Pakistan Counsel for Science and Technology- PCST and other support organizations  to jointly work for policy revision for applied research.

Consultative workshops with PCST were started to gauge insight of policy issues for applied research.

  • First workshop in UMT- Lahore attended by 70 scientists and industry people from 30 organizations Lahore
  • Second workshop in Peshawar University attended by 80 scientists and industry people from 26 organizations of KPK
  • Third workshop in Ayub Institute, FSD attended by 100+ scientists and industry people from 32 organizations of Punjab regions
  • Fourth workshop was organized in Lahore Chamber of Commerce on 5th March 2015 and attended by 60+  ORIC heads from all Pakistan
  • Fifth workshop is scheduled on 7th April 2015 in Mehran University Institute of Science, Technology and Development,  Jamshoro, Sindh
  • Sixth workshop is scheduled on 9th April 2015 in Karachi  University , Karachi
  • Seventh workshop was scheduled in University of Balochistan, Quetta and attended by 50+ heads of S&T sector and higher education
  • Eighth workshop was schediled on Policies for Creating Enabling Environment for Encouraging Problem-Solving Research on 11th June 2015, Islamabad

The report of workshops is in process of development. Major highlights include:

Policies for Trust Building Measures

•    Participation on Boards/Committee
•    Exchange of Scientist – Business Manager
•    Students Thesis on Industry Issues

Policies for R&D Management

•    Technology Management
•    Infrastructure and Facilities for Applied Research
•    Capacity Building for Applied Research

Policies for R&D Incentives

•    Incentive System for Applied Research
•    Financial Support for Applied Research

Policies for R&D Performance

•    Performance of Applied Researcher
•    Performance of Head of Applied Researcher
•    Performance of Institution for Applied Research

Policies for Industry Investment  

•    Protection for Applied Research
•    Industry Motivation for R&D
•    Tech Friendly Policies for Applied Research

IRP has completed this draft and like to share findings with universities for utilization of study input. IRP invites institutions to host this workshop to identify policy gaps for applied research and real policy proposals for improvements.

Contact: rahmat@irp.edu.pk    0321-4917181

policy for applied research
policy for applied research


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