Host Tech Workshop

IRP arranges number of technology related events for industry and academia as:

Tech Brief

Tech Briefs are arranged for specific technology or set of technologies for particular sector. It is kind of focus group to discuss about industrial and commercialization potential of a technology. The objective of tech brief is:

  • to understand user perspective on potential technology
  • to understand investor perspectives
  • to know stakeholders views
  • to explore and prospects and problems of technology

Theses Fair

Theses Fair is organized for the university students aiming for final year theses. After scanning some students interests, we bring projects from industry and share with students and supervisors. We also bring some financial support for projects having satisfied results for industry. University departments are requested to share with us opportunities for industry driven theses

Technology Session for Industry and Academia

IRP gives short (2 hrs) training sessions to university faculty and industry professionals on various topics related to their interests. these session aims to motivate both side of professionals to work with each other, collaborate for R&D and joint develop technologies. These sessions are organized in factories, association offices and universities.

Host Technology Workshop for your Industry 

Host Technology Workshop for Academia/ R&D Organization

Some Sessions are

  • 100 Years of Xerox – How Technologies Make Firms Rise and Fall
  • Award Winner Technologies- The World Tech War
  • Industry-Driven Technologies – Designing and Planning
  • Disruptive Vs Sustaining Technologies – How to Respond Market Changes
  • Integrating Innovation- Product, Process and Business Models
  • History of Shell – + 100 Years of Business Success
  • S&T Resources and Economic Opportunities for Industries

Contact; Rahmat –  – 0321-4917181




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