Encouraging Problem-Solving Research -Policy for Enabling Environment

IRP has launched a program on policy for applied research with collaboration of PCST. The objective of this program is to develop enabling environment for industry driven research. IRP is currently managing 100+ projects in the universities. the progress of these projects is very slow due high commitments of faculty for teaching, publishing, administration and other activities. IRP plans to advocate for such policies which can facilitate problems solving research in the universities and R&D organizations.

IRP plans

  • To conduct workshops with stakeholders and formulate policy proposals
  • Develop policy guidelines and policy framework
  • Advocate for these policies for implementation
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement

Schedule of Workshops –  jointly organized by PCST, PASTIC, IRP and other partners:

  1. April 15, 2014 in University of Management and Technology Lahore
  2. May 27, 2014 in University of Peshawar
  3. June 19, 2014 in Ayyob Agriculture Research Institute
  4. End of June 20144 in NED Karachi (tentative)
  5. Mid of July 2014 in Isalambaad


One-day Consultative Workshop on
Encouraging Problem-Solving Research Policy for Enabling Environment

Note: Interested to conduct this workshop in your own university? please see program below and contact

PCST in collaboration with IRP (Institute of Research Promotion) has planned to organize a series of workshops in different major cities of Pakistan in order to inspire and encourage R&D directed towards solving problems of the industry and society. At the end of this exercise, policy recommendations about different aspects of the subject matter will be presented to the government for implementation. First workshop in this regard has been planned at Lahore on 15th April 2014 which will be hosted by the University of Management and Technology.

Who should attend?

  • Faculty Members from Universities
  • Scientists from R&D Organizations
  • Industrialists / members of business chambers and industry associations
  • Relevant policy and funding agencies

Workshop Contents

Inaugural Session

  • Recitation from the Holy Quran
  • Welcome Address by Host Organization
  • Address by industry / IRP representative
  • Overview of national S&T policies by PCST representative
  • Address by the honourable Chief Guest

Technical Session

  • Problem-Solving Research: Perspective of R&D Organizations
  • Problem-Solving Research: Perspective of Universities
  • Problem-Solving Research: Perspective of Higher Education Commission

Consultative and Brain Storming Session

  • Modifications / improvements needed in annual performance reports of researchers
  • Incentives for conducting problem solving research (industry and society-oriented research)
  • Modifications / improvements in recruitment and promotion criteria to promote and encourage problem solving research
  • How to encourage / attract industry to invest in R&D and local technologies

Closing Session

  • Finalization of recommendations by the Groups
  • Presentation of recommendations by the Group Leaders
  • Address by the Guest of Honor
  • Note of thanks

If you are an individual, and are interested to participate in the Workshop and can contribute in the formulation of proposals about any aspect of the main theme “Encouraging Problem-Solving Research”, you are encouraged to contact PCST/ IRP so that you can be invited to the next Workshop to be held in your city / region.
If you are an organization, and are interested in collaborating / hosting the event, you can contact PCST/IRP  to discuss further details in this regard.

Contact for further details:
For confirmation and further details, following persons may be contacted:

Dr. Tariq Bashir, PCST
Ph. 051-9217316       Cell: 0300-5069727
tariq.bashir@pcst.org.pk, drtariqbashir@yahoo.co.uk

Rahmat Ullah, IRP
Cell: 0321-4917181