Managing Patent Research


Dear Researchers

IRP offers training workshop on managing patentable research. The workshop will train you on how to produce research, which will lead to a good patent. Participants will learn how to design, execute and write research having worth for patent.

  •     To make the researchers understand design of patentable research
  •     To train on practical aspects of doing patent research
  •     To train on working with partners and donors in research
  •     To train on filing patent and other copyrights measures
  •     To share successful models of patent commercialization


  •     Designing patentable research
  •     Overview of intellectual property rights
  •     Ethical consideration in patentable research
  •     Procedural aspects of patentable research
  •     Roles and rights of partners in patent research
  •     Process of patent filing
  •     Commercialization of patent research
  •     Managing contingencies in patent research



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