Patent Filing

On-line Workshop on

Patent Filing
You have a breakthrough Research – You must file a patent

01pm-04pm – 09th Dec 2015

Lot of scientists in the universities and R&D personals in industries make substantial development in scientific trails. But they mostly do not file a patent

  • Academic hesitate for patent filing due to interest in publications.
  • Industry people do not go for patent due to confidentially

Both are the myths and not the fact

The workshop is offered online and designed to guide you on why you should file the patent and how to file a patent in Pakistan:

Resource Person:

Mr. Zahoor Ahmad has five years pharmaceutical lab experience as an Assistant Quality Control Manager. He has nine and a half (91/2) Years experience in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRS) in IPO-Pakistan. Currently he is working as Patent Examiner and Resource person of IPO-Pakistan.
Mr. Zahoor Ahmad got his professional trainings regarding Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) from
1. Korea
2. Japan
3. Switzerland
4. Czech Republic
5. Austria
6. Philippine and
7. United State of America (USA)
Being as a resource person of IPO-Pakistan he has conducted/organized several IP awareness training sessions and seminars/workshops at different universities and chambers of commerce of Punjab and KPK to create awareness about the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) among the faculty members, professors, university research students, R&D sectors, businessmen and also to create awareness about how to evaluate, protect innovative and creative work (IP) for commercial exploitation that enables creator to profit from their innovative capacity and creativity, which encourages and helps fund for further innovation.

Dr. Zaffar Mehmood is a food science professional with experience of teaching and commercial research in Pakistan and Australia. Currently he is serving as Associate Professor of Food Safety and quality management at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) Lahore. Dr. Zaffar has been involved with industry in different capacities such as an employee, trainer, scientist and technology commercialization professional.   He is advisor to Institute for Research promotion for technology commercialization. Dr. Zaffar Mehmood holds a PhD and postdoctoral qualifications from The University of Queensland Australia. He has served in more than five top class universities in different positions both Pakistan and abroad for more than a decade. He is a University Gold Medalist with more than four national and international awards in his area of expertise, he is an innovator and has filed patents in Australia, USA and Pakistan. He has delivered large number of national and international lectures, seminars and training sessions and is well known in his field.




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