Research Software/Tools

IRP is very proactive in incorporating tools and technology gadgets in research process. We continuously explore software, experts and applications which can facilitate process of research. Currently we have expertise in followings:

  • SPSS and AMOS for Quantitative Analysis
  • NVIVO for Qualitative Research
  • EViews for Econometrics
  • Stata and Metlab
  • EndNote for Referencing
  • Turnitin for Plagiarism
  • Idea Puzzle – Research design tool for planning and defending PhD/MS
  • MAXQDA – Excellent data Analysis Tool for Mixed Method Design/Research
  • Dedoose – Excellent Web Based Data Analyzer Tool
  • Scientific Word Processing

Please feel free to contact us if need any service related to above software or other software used in research process.

IRP is reseller and official partner of many research software and tools. IRP offers these research tools on subsidized prices for researchers of Pakistan and Asia  and provide initial training free of cost to make researchers life easy and efficient. IRP has good pool of trainers from universities to train research professionals on these tools. IRP also invites other academics and professionals and organizations having research tools to train researchers through IRP and promote their applications.

You can buy these tools through IRP on very subsidized prices for the year 2014

Idea Puzzle Software – A great research design tool for planning and defending PhD/MS Thesis  Click for Details

NVIVO Software                   For Qualitative Data Analysis            Click for Details

MAXQDA Software – Excellent data Analysis Tool for Mixed Method Design/Research Click for Details

Dedoose Software – A great web based application for various types of data analysis  Click for Details

Scientific Word Processing Software- Produce your equations, tables, graphics, cross-references, bibliographies etc. Click for Details

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