Overview of IRP Trainings

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IRP Trainings is part IRP Institute of Research Sciences as a specialized centre in the area of training in research methods and procedures. We provide series of workshops on various parts of research process, with major emphasis on hands-on-practices through software.

IRP trainings is serving research community for last eight years and building capacities of researchers.  IRP Trainings has developed expertise in number of research methods, software and specialization in various research issues. We offer established modules, customized workshops, membership program and short courses, specially designed for capacity building in research. We conduct workshops, organizes conferences and collaborates with other universities/institutions for these kinds of R&D related events.

Competent volunteers from academia and industry lead this project

Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman (Director)

We offer We serve for We Serve
o    Open offered training workshops
o    Need based institutional workshops
o    Jointly organized trainings workshops 
o    Research design and planning
o    Research process execution
o    Surveys and field practices
o    Data analysis tools and techniques
o    Writing and publishing
o    Other research method areas
o    Academia, R&D and Research organizations
o    Business chambers and associations
o    industries and services sector organizations NGOs             and social development organizations


Hafiz Yasir Ammar
Manager IRP Training
yasir@irp.edu.pk | 0334-4002613

Hafiz Yasir Ammar
Manager IRP Training
yasir@irp.edu.pk | 0334-4002613