The Art of Winning NRPU Research Grants

PPT NRPU design

The module description

The module is based on extensive research of authors on how to win research grants and why projects are rejected. The workshop is unique in design and includes three major components as writing proposal, industrial collaborations and financial planning. The workshop is part of series of workshops conducted by IRP for last 10 years. The workshop equips participants with specialized knowledge and skills on projects writing, projects reporting, industrial collaborations and budgeting of various costs like remuneration, consumables, instruments and other expenses.

Are you worried about?

Writing a compelling research grant proposal
Linking your proposal with priorities of funding agencies
Makin industry collaboration
Financial planning; costing and budgeting


To inspire participants for writing maximum research grants proposals
To share challenges and technical issues in grants writing
To orient participants for industrial liaisons and collaborations
To enable participant for costing, budgeting and financial planning

Course methodology

Conceptual presentations
Case studies of successfully accepted and rejected proposals
Practical learning
Exercises and activities
Group discussions

What you will get?

Great learning experience
Exposure to success tactics for research fund winning
Resource material
Networking with peers

The significance of the module

The module is developed based on extensive research study on how projects are rejected and accepted. The participants will learn the findings of real time research helping participants to avoid rejection and increase chances of winning research grants. IRP has conducted this workshop numerous time for the scientists of Pakistan and international researcher community. IRP has already trained more than 500 scientists of grant winning techniques.

The workshop will also include invited speakers to share cases of successfully funded research proposals.

 Contact:  Mr. Yasir Ammar – – 0300-4610317

Mr. Zeeshan Shaikh- – 0321-4516964

The Program Schedule
Section 01 – Writing Research Proposals Resource Person
  ·         Keeping reviewers attention

·         Art of story telling

·         Why do people read abstracts/summary

·         What do reviewers want from your introduction

·         Formulating research question and hypothesis

·         Literature review – common problems

·         Writing your review – common problems

·         Methodology – common errors

·         General tips on writing



Dr. Zaffar Mahmood

This section of workshop presents basics of proposal writing and share how initial working leads to success of the project. The section shares the importance of theoretical and economic contribution of proposals. The section also orient participants on how to define problem which can attract the donor and reviewer
  Fund winning strategies for NRPU program Invited speaker
  Exercises on NRPU project Assessment Activity
Section 02 – Evaluation and Financial Budgeting of Proposals
  ·         Review process of NRPU projects

·         Reasons for the rejections of NRPU projects

·         A brief introduction of budgeting of NRPU projects

·         HEC – Guidelines for financial assistance of NRPU projects

·         Cost estimates of NRPU proposals

·         Useful budgeting guidelines for NRPU projects



Mr. Naveed Ul Haq

The financial aspects of the proposals are most critical where faculty has less strength. The weak financial planning mostly cause failure in fund winning. This section help participants understand accurate planning of costing and budgeting of proposals. The section also shares tips to understand donor perspective for financial aspects of proposal.
  NRPU success stories Invited speaker
Section 03 – Management of research proposals
  ·         Incentives to faculty for NRPU projects

·         Commercialization of research

  • Industry liaison

Mr. Rahmat Ullah

This section deals with actual writing of proposal and what makes a strong proposal to win fund. The participants will learn how various sections of proposals like introduction, literature review, problem statement, sampling and trails, conclusion and other parts are written and well presented. This section will also cover how review and revisions are managed.


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Learn From the Academicians and Practitioners

The module has background experience of almost seven years working in technology management and innovation planning.

Mr. Rahmat has been doing technology policy workshops for last four years in all over Pakistan. He helped many ORICs to design and develop effective operations. He is also part of global innovation community through triple helix association. He has experience of marketing, sale, business management and technology transfer from academia to industry. Read more 

Dr. Zafar Mahmood  is a PhD from The University of Queensland. He is academically gifted personality with a University Gold medal on his record. He has his qualifications both in scientific fields and in business education. Read more 

Mr. Naveed Ul Haq

Naveed Ul Haq is a MS-Finance Scholar from University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan is currently working as Research Associate in ORIC-UMT. Before this he is serving at NADRA for more than two years. His areas of interest include Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, and Stock Markets and Research Methods. During his MS course work he publishes research papers in international journals. He got his Master degree in Finance from Virtual University of Pakistan, and also passed three stages of CMA from Institute of Cost and Management Accountant of Pakistan. Previously he has achieved Bachelor’s degree in commerce from Quaid-e-Azam college of Accountancy and Commerce.