Contemporary Challenges of Islam

Two-Day Participatory Workshop on:

Contemporary Challenges of the Islamic World and Response Strategies for Renaissance

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Know the Real Challenges —- Serve your World


  •     Onsite :                08th and 09th March 2013 (Lahore)
  •     Online:                15th and 16th March 2013
  •     Duration:           Two Days
  •     Pre-requisite:  Involvement in research  process
  •     Method:              The module consists of lectures, activities, and discussion of participants
  •     Time:                   9:30am-5:00pm

Dr. Muhammad Ahsan

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The Main Objectives of the Workshop

•    To orient research scholars about contemporary challenges of the Islamic World
•    To share anatomy of growing approaches with regard to contemporary and emerging challenges
•    To share the nature and response strategies for today and tomorrow’s challenges
•    To train researchers on linking their R&D with the contemporary challenges

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Major Learning Areas

Day 01

•    Orientation: Our glorious past, troubled present and a vision for future
•    Barriers and Bridges: Conceptual Foundation and Empirical Dimensions
•    Contemporary inter and intra-cultural challenges
•    Economic and Politico-Strategic Challenges of the Islamic World
•    How to create socioeconomic stability in Pakistan?
•    Promoting Interfaith Harmony and Global Peace
•    Role of Pakistan in promoting global peace
•    Science and technology in Islamic World: Contemporary challenges and a way forward

Day 02

•    Response Strategies for Education and HR Challenges
•    Response Strategies for Economic Challenges
•    Promoting Industrialization in Islamic World Response Strategies for Regional and Global Challenges
•    Response Strategies for the Security and Stability of the Contemporary Ummah
•    Research on conceptual and empirical dimensions of contemporary War on Terror
•    Future Vision of Ummatic Unity
•    Perspectives of the integration of Islamic countries
Background Overview

Today’s Islamic World is rising after being dormant for a long time in history and attempting to respond internal and external challenges. In the contemporary situation, Muslim scholars have two main responsibilities, i.e., helping in analyzing and addressing today’s challenges, and preparing the Ummah to play a role in tomorrow’s world.  For this purpose, intellectuals have to respond strategically to emerging circumstances in education, economies, politics, globalisation, technology, environment and human capital development. Therefore, in this perspective, the workshop addresses two main questions, i.e., what is the anatomy of the contemporary challenges faced by the Islamic World and how Muslim scholars can respond in this regard.

Why this workshop?

Internally weak, under-developed, frustrated, conflict-ridden, suffering from internal tensions and abused by external interventions, the Muslim World is in a state of crisis. In Muslim countries, it is customary to blame external powers and imperialism for all manners of ills. Although, this habit may point up many of the grievances and obstacles Muslims face, it cannot explain the internal causes of the ills. The biggest challenge for the contemporary Muslim Ummah, is how to come out of this complex and integrated network of crises.

What is Unique in Workshop?

This workshop is unique in the sense that for the past over two and half decades, the trainer (Dr. M. Ahsan) has been intensively engaged in researching on diversified issues and challenges faced by the Islamic World. He is the first Muslim intellectual who has presented detailed long-term conceptual and empirical strategies leading to the development and integration of Muslim countries. Therefore, the participants will particularly benefit from the blend of theoretical and empirical approach used in this workshop.

Who Should Attend this Programme?

Keeping in view of the current issues and requirements of the diversity of participants, the workshop package is specifically designed for:

•    Ms, MPhil and PhD students
•    Junior and senior researchers
•    Academic members, faculty and scientists
•    Managers and executives of corporate sector
•    Independent researchers and authors
•    Journalists and professionals associated with the print and electronic media
•    Analysts, policy makers and planning officers

What is the Academic Credential of the Trainer?

This workshop will be conducted by Dr Muhammad Ahsan (FRSA). Having graduated from four countries (Pakistan, Japan, Holland and UK) and worked in two continents (Asia and Europe), Dr Ahsan is a distinguished research scholar. Presently based in England, he has over two and half decades’ experience of research, teaching and training in various capacities. In the fields of education, development studies and globalization, his research has gained international recognition. In addition to authoring several books, Dr Ahsan has produced a large number of reports and research papers published in various refereed international journals. His most recent publications is: Academic Research, Writing and Publishing: A Practical Handbook for PhD Students and Academic Researchers. He has extensively traveled and delivered a large number of lectures in various international conferences and seminars. His thoughts have significantly influenced in fixing priorities and directions for the Muslim World and re-forming the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference). Dr Ahsan has also delivered numerous online training on academic research and writing.
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Local (Within Pakistan)

Foreign (Other than Pakistan)

  • Individual Participation Fee: Rs. 3500/Participant – Online
  • Institutional Participation Fee: Rs. 35,000/up-to 20 Participants-Online
  • Individual Participation Fee: Rs. 7000/Participant – Onsite
  • Group Participation: Rs. 6000/Participant – for 3 and more nominations
  • Individual Participation Fee:    $40/Participant/ online
  • Institutional Participation Fee: $400/up-to 20 Participants/ online

Note: Registration must be confirmed 5 days before the workshop date

Please Dispatch crossed cheque/draft in favour of “Institute of Research Promotion” (A/C: 01300060007894), Faisal Bank, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan or  Transfer through on-line banking or ATM. Postal address: IRP, Suit No. 11, 7th Floor, Central Plaza, Barkat Market, Garden Town, Lahore-Pakistan.

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