IRP Training Modules

IRP offers many open-offering and customized modules in research method training. Followings are most commonly used training module of IRP

Technology and Innovation Management Training Modules 

Research Methods and Design Modules 

  • Academic Writing for Research
  • Managing Qualitative Research-The Process & Analysis through NVivo Software
  • Managing Patentable in Research-Case Based Learning
  • Quantitative Analysis through SPSS- Advanced Module of Inferential Statistics
  • Literature Review Made Easy -Using Endnote and NVivo Software for Excellent  Review
  • Managing Academic Thesis for  MS and PhD-Planning, Writing and Publishing
  • Intellectual Property Rights –  Compliance with Ethics, Rules and Academic Integrity
  • Effective Handling of Turnitin- Software
  • Mixed Method Research Using NVivo 10 Software- Enveloping Quantitative and Qualitative Skills
  • Simulation and Modeling for System Design and Analysis
  • Contemporary Challenges of Islamic world

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