Managing Intellectual Property Rights

Ethical Compliance and Protection of Innovative Ideas/Technologies

   Effective Handling of Turnitin- Software for Plagiarism

•    Feb, 08-09, 2013-  Online  •    Feb, 15-16, 2013-  Onsite ( UMT- Lahore)

Dear Researchers

Understanding intellectual property rights and compliance with ethics, rules and integrity in research is very much ensured and emphasized in R&D circles. Any kind of violation is strictly treated, followed by penalties, loss of repute and career also. Researchers of universities and industries need to ensure compliance with ethics and protection of IP rights to avoid future litigation and heavy cost of losing innovative ideas/technologies.

This workshop will train you on how to produce research and develop technology in compliance with ethics, moral values and protection of own and others rights. Participants will also learn how to practice ethics in the entire process of research and technology development. The workshop also includes session on Turnitin to train you on artfully managing issues of plagiarism and software reports.


Are YOU?

•    Worried about research ethics and protection of your technologies
•    Worried about violation of Intellectual Property laws and rules  
•    Worried about compliance with research ethics by your team
•    Worried about claiming of own intellectual property rights
•    Worried about using software for plagiarism deduction
•    Worried about software reports and similarity index  

Let your worries be solved now

Workshop for

Technology Managers of Industry , Researchers of Universities and R&D Managers

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Program Details  

•    Duration:           Two Days
•    Pre-requisite:  Involvement in research  process or technology development  
•    Method:              The module consists of lectures, activities, and demonstration of software
•    Time:                   9:30am-5:00pm

Learning Areas – Day First

Learning Areas – Day Second 

  • Research integrity – ethics, morality, values

  • Academic integrity and compliance policy

  • Monitoring and evaluation process of academic ethics 

  • Understanding plagiarism- types and kinds

  • Producing plagiarism free academia writing 

  • Protecting own research writings from being plagiarized

  • Using Turnitin (software) for plagiarism deduction

  • Managing plagiarism and software reports

  • Understanding Intellectual Property Rights -IPRs

  • Understanding role of national and International IPO organizations

  • Compliance with ethics in research design, experiments and field works

  • Protection of innovative ideas while writing and reporting research findings.  

  • Effective IP protection strategy for R&D institutions/industry labs

  • Managing violation and claims of IP rights – case studies

Learning Application

  • Technology managers of industry and researchers can well understand IP rights and protection

  • Participants can practice academic honesty, integrity and ethical concerns in entire process of research 

  • Technology managers can effectively develop technology collaborations and commercialize research

    Participants can protect their intellectual  rights and avoid violation of others

  • Researchers can use software to deduct plagiarism, manage report and reduce similarity index 

  • Participants will be able to design, implement and ensure compliance with institutional ethic polices and procedures

Resource Persons

Who should Participate?

•    R&D managers of industries and universities
•    Technology officers of R&D labs
•    Professors and advisers supervising research students
•    Research scholars enrolled in research degrees
•    University faculty and research associates
•    Officers of ORICs and incubation centres
•    Officers of IPOs, R&D agencies and ministries of S&T
•    IP consultants and Law graduates

Local (Within Pakistan)

Foreign (Other than Pakistan)

  • Individual Participation Fee: Rs. 3500/Participant – Online
  • Institutional Participation Fee: Rs. 35,000/up-to 20 Participants-Online
  • Individual Participation Fee: Rs. 7000/Participant – Onsite
  • Group Participation: Rs. 6000/Participant – for 3 and more nominations
  • Individual Participation Fee:    $40/Participant/ online
  • Institutional Participation Fee: $400/up-to 20 Participants/ online

Note: Registration must be confirmed 5 days before the workshop date

Please Dispatch crossed cheque/draft in favour of “Institute of Research Promotion” (A/C: 01300060007894), Faisal Bank, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan or  Transfer through on-line banking or ATM. Postal address: IRP, Suit No. 11, 7th Floor, Central Plaza, Barkat Market, Garden Town, Lahore-Pakistan.

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For Contact and Registration

  • M. Zeeshan Sheikh – Cell: +92-321-4516964  –  Landline: +92-42-35846988  –  Email:

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