Fund for Technology Development

Good numbers of funds are available for researchers to do basic research from university, HEC, PSF and other funding sources. There is serious lack of funds to support technology development which means developing solution for industry and society based on existing research results.

IRP requests donors, NGOs and support organizations to support students and faculty for developing technology and prototype to covert research into products for commercialization. There are 100s of students working with IRP and unable to complete there research due to lack of funds.

IRP will create funds on the name of donor and to be provided directly to students like:

Faraaz Foundation has planned to pool up the funds by taking donations (sadaqaat, Zakaat etc) from people blessed with resources. Faraaz foundation has started with family fund of Rs. 05 lakh and requests other donors to contribute

Note: Donors will be given all details of their funds consumption on scientific needs of students of higher education. The donors can donate specific funds for specific university, type of students or location as well.