Entrepreneurial Scientists

The Entrepreneurial Science Project is based on regular research being conduced by Mr. Rahmat Ullah and Dr. Rashida R Zohra. The project has two parts as:

  1. The Entrepreneurial Scientists

The authors are investigating phenomenon of innovative scientists, regarding their impact and contribution in the society and industry.

The study is published by South Asian Triple Helix Association (SATHA) in the form of

if you are that scientist or know some one  having some contribution in the society and industry, please email to rafia@irp.edu.pk to be included in this regular study

  • Call for International Cases 

We are looking for international representatives from countries and regions to join in the project of Entrepreneurial Scientists and contribute cases to be published in annual directory . Click here to see the ToRs

  • Call for Entrepreneurial Cases from Brazil

The Brazil cases are authored by Daniel Pimentel, Lucas Delgado and Guilherme Rosso and published annually as part of the directory. please click here for details and email cases to daniel.pimentel@emerge.org.br

2. The Entrepreneurial Leaders 

The authors are also working on cases of Entrepreneurial Leaders who develop enabling environment and influence the process of innovation in the organizations.

Please share your interest or recommend an Entrepreneurial Leader to be included in annual directory by emailing to rafia@irp.edu.pk

The Project Team

  • Mr. Rahmat Ullah :       rahmat@irp.edu.pk
  • Dr. Rashida R. Zohra :       rrzohra@irp.edu.pk
  • Mr. Naveed ul Haq :       naveed.haq@umt.edu.pk
  • Rafia Iqtadar Mirza :       rafia@irp.edu.pk