Dr. Ghulam Hussain

Personal Information

  • Name: Dr. Ghulam Hussain
  • Born: Jhang, Punjab Pakistan  
  • Nationality: Pakistan
  • Institutional Affiliation Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Govt. Postgraduate College Toba Tek Sing
  • Alma mater: University of Punjab, Pakistan  

  Problem back Ground Pakistan presents huge trade deficit due high import volume and less production of exportable goods and services. According to the GOVT of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the total imports of Pakistan are Rs. 462764 Million and trade deficit is Rs. 29253 Million.   Almost 30% imports are contributed by chemicals as the big share of the pie after fossil fuel and edible oil. The import of dies in leather and textile also contribute a major share of import. Pakistan needs to do R&D in import substitution and production local dies. SRC (Shafi Reso-Chem) is among the companies which import dies and need local technologies. Research and Development Dr. Ghulam Hussain a college professor in chemistry having a fire in belly and dream in eyes to do something applied and significant in life. He was in search of an opportunity to exploit his chemistry knowledge and research for the benefit of the industry and society. He did his MPhil research study with Sandal Dyestuff Industry and developed Syntans as the outcome of his research. Finally, Dr. Ghulam Hussain got connected with SRC a company thirsty for innovation. Dr. Ghulam Hussain got the opportunity to substitute imported leather dies in partnership with SRC. It took him initial 2-3 years to do basic research and develop some formulations. Shortly his R&D brought fruits and he was able to install the first pilot then commercial plant of leather dyes. This plant substituted the significant amount of imported dues and saved country foreign reserves. He took up the assignment of the second plant and succeeded after next 2-3 years of R&D. His R&D based two commercial level plants are working successfully in SRC.   Economic Impact

  • Developed two large commercial scale plants of leather dyes worth …………..Million
  • Substituted annual import worth ………..Million
  • Developed many pilot plants

Scholarly Impact

  • He has produced 14 research publications published in high repute journals