Dr. Waheed Noor as Entrepreneurial Scientist

Waheed Noor Dr.

  1. Name: Waheed Noor
  2. Born: 2nd, September 1977, Quetta, Pakistan
  3. Nationality: Pakistan
  4. Institutional Affiliation: University of Balochistan
  5. Alma mater: PhD from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand


Dr. Waheed Noor is a born computer lover with passion to solve critical problems. He belonged to a middle class educated family and got academic qualification in science and computer science. He set up his own computer training center, provided computer related consultancy in earlier career and did job in some reputable organizations too.  He joined University of Balochistan as lecturer in computer science and completed his PhD in machine learning from Asian Institute of technology, Thailand.  He got his applied way of working in early career and continued it after becoming head of computer science department and faculty member.

Research and Development

The opportunity of serving as department head enabled Dr. Waheed to exercise his entrepreneurial capabilities. He believed in building his department capacity to deliver before approaching market for project. He promoted open, dynamic, outreaching and interactive culture in department. The faculty and students joined him in this pursuit and offered full commitment to dedicatedly work with him day and night.

He took the long route of developing his team and was ready to approach market.

  • Opportunity Hunting

Dr. Waheed developed a habit of market liaisons and interaction to hunt the opportunities. He started interacting with various organizations, building trust with them, showing the capabilities and inspiring them to trust him and his team for IT solutions.

He used to attend lot of meeting in Govt departments, applied to many call for projects and submitted proposals aiming to get ICT projects. He also wrote many grants applications and won few of them worth in millions PKR.

  • Impact of Compute Science Department on University

The frequent working of Dr. Waheed and repeated tries to get real projects from the market opened a great window of internal system developments for university of Balochistan. After a reasonable struggle, he convinced his leadership to give him ICT projects.

The team of computer science as faculty, students and dedicated research associates offered fully dedication. They took it as a great challenge to respond and develop trust and confidence on successfully delivery.  They saved more than one billion of university by doing following projects

  • System for Distance Education

The University of Balochistan has launched a distance education program to promote education to remote areas of the province. Dr. Waheed and his team developed an excellent local system of distance education.  This system integrates teachers, students and university management for number of educational activities.

  • Internal Examination System

Dr. Waheed and his team won the project of developing internal examination system for university of Balochistan. This system not only saved millions in cost it saved billions by preventing corruption done through conventional system.

  • System for Students Affairs

Along with other projects, his team is working on system to integrate all the matters of students including hostels. This project will automate all the matters of students and things will be recorded, tracked, updated and accessed within short time.  All the records of students will be available on single click to students and university leadership.

The internal developed by computer science department provided following advantages.  The systems did saving of millions along with other strengths like;

  • The team was well oriented of international affairs
  • The team was always available for trouble shooting
  • The team had frequent interaction with managers, users and stakeholders of the system

The most important part is start of automation culture in the university and prevention of corruption of billions used to be through conventional system.

  • Working for External Market

Dr. Waheed established his story of an entrepreneurial scientist who outreaches to the community, understand problems and deliver solutions. He submitted proposals to many Govt departments and social sector organizations.

He won FAO project of worth 0.85 million and delivered it successfully. He delivered on 60%-70% cost of the market saving lot of money for FAO. FAO got number of good services like training, local orientation, and availability of expert for trouble shooting. Dr. Waheed focused highly on implementation strategy to ensure the projects work in real life and used by end users.

Dr. Waheed is working with number of other organizations for short and long-term projects.


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 Economic Impact

In-house development has been providing IT services to Public & Private sectors and contributing to Revenue generation.

Scholarly Impact

  • Currently serving as Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science, University of Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan
  • He has additional charge of Director, Office of the Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) and Directorate of Distance Education, University of Balochistan.
  • Obtained PhD from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand in 2013 in “Learning Predictive Models for Optimization”, Computer science.
  • He has quality and well cited publications to his credit and has been serving as member of technical committees in various universities nationwide.