For Development by Academia, Industry, Public and Social Sector

The main purpose of this award is to reward the significant contribution and value creation made by individuals and organizations. Different scientists from Industry and academia participate and submit their innovative technologies to the Jury, followed by review of award committee and selection of top impact making development. Winner projects are rewarded through Innovation Award and are acknowledged in the ceremony for Annual Innovation Award.


Innovation Award has the following objectives:
•    To appreciate the innovators for making impact through efforts and ideas
•    To bring the hidden talent of applied researchers in front of society
•    To increase the worth of innovative work and make it reliable for society
•     To stimulate the developments  on issues lead to win Innovation Award
•     To highlight the creative work of industry and other organizations
•    To promote industries as progressive and innovative
•    To strengthen the linkage between industry, Govt. and academia

Why to Win Innovation Award – Academia

•    To find investor  and supporters of your development
•    To get support for commercialization of your technology
•    To get R&D funding from national agencies and industries
•    To find related expertise and support
•    To link your research with industry stakeholders

Why to Win Innovation Award – Industry/Organization

•    To gain social welcome for your innovative product and developments
•    To improve branding of your developments and innovative product
•    To get financial support for further R&D
•    To get technical support of university scientists
•    To find more innovative technologies
•    To promote your organization as innovative one

Award Criteria

Innovation Award is designed for successful projects of Pakistani Innovators. These awards are given by SATHA to projects have achieved substantial success.

Following are award criteria

•    Import Substitution
•    Utilization of Local Resources
•    Solution to Local Industry Problems
•    Social and Economic Impact

Sponsor Award:

Industry and other organizations are invited to sponsor award for encouragement of innovators. It can be in the form of cash prize for award winners. This in turn may benefit the sponsors for strengthening the liaison with renowned organizations and our worthwhile collaborators. It may also be beneficial for sponsor by getting promotion around the country through various media. The Award will be announced on the name of donor like “SRC Award for Best Chemistry Technology”

What will be the Award?

Innovation Award (Medal) will be given along with certificate and letter of appreciation. The Innovation Award is a sign of success in that particular year with the logo Innovation Summit.

Criteria to Participate:

Only viable indigenous developments with proven impact is required to participate for Innovation Award. No any kind of fee, sponsorship or financial support is required to participate in innovation award.

Award Committee

Award committee is established to evaluate impact of innovators from various trades of life. Innovators need to submit their developments to worthy jury for experts review according selection criteria. Committee members from different organizations judge the work and give results without any identification.

Note: The decision taken by committee members will be final and can’t be challenged anywhere any time.

Send your innovation with details of commercial/social impact to