Mission, Values and Services

IRP Mission 

  • Providing integrated research support services to researchers and organizations.
  • Enabling researchers to produce cutting-edge research as solution to socioeconomic problems.
  • Enabling organizations  to adopt innovative technologies, instrumental for socioeconomic growth .

IRP Vision

  • Serving researchers and organizations from invention to innovation.

Our Values

  • Respect
    We offer high sense of honor and respect to our colleagues and clients.
  • Service
    We exhibit great deal of service orientation with high level of services quality.
  • Motivation
    We are an inspiring organization, creating high morale and encouragement for R&D stakeholders.
  • Communication
    We promote creation through collaboration, encourage responsible communication and response to queries efficiently and effectively.

Areas of Services

  • Knowledge Creation
  • Knowledge Disbursement
  • Knowledge Application
  • Knowledge Networking

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