Institute of Research Promotion (IRP) has been established to provide services in research related activities to promote quality research culture in the universities and corporate sector of Pakistan. IRP is a non- profit organization working under the leadership of academics and industrialists. IRP has academicians, researchers, scholars, corporate consultants and institutes/organizations associated of international repute, and in various disciplines.

IRP is helping researchers of universities and managers of industry to sit together and meet today’s challenges together by conducting research individually and collectively. IRP regularly conducts seminars/symposium/exhibitions on indigenous technologies, providing a common stage to researchers of academia and executives of corporate sector. At IRP platform, new ideas, experiences and technologies are shared and new ways of R&D collaborations are discussed.

IRP has facilitated numerous research papers, doctoral level theses and industrial research projects in the areas of social, economic, pure and applied sciences. The studies facilitated by IRP are presented at national and international level forums/conferences and published in scholarly journals of international repute.

IRP is in regular process of technology identification, marketing and commercialization of indigenous R&D. Number of local technologies are in process of commercialization and being transferred to industry.

IRP serves in trainings, surveys, data management, publishing, research commercialization and institutional building for R&D

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