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IRP is the ambassador of research and research community in Pakistan. The constant and untiring efforts of IRP for last eight years have made significant change in the life of researchers and research organization. Scientists community is glad to see that there is one organization serving their interest and solving problems. IRP covers the entire spectrum of research facilitation with a very unique and innovative model of research support services. IRP model of research support services provides integrated design of research learning and sharing.

IRP combines the efforts of academia, industry and public sector to capitalize on unified purpose of R&D development. IRP is advised by top intellectuals of universities and practitioners of leading industries. IRP is a movement of research promotion through the support of volunteers from diverse disciplines. IRP invites all the well-wishers of R&D to join and contribute in the community service of research promotion.

IRP now have dedicated spin offs as 1) SIMT International (Siddiq Institute of Innovation Management and Technology) for commercialization of technologies, 2) IRP Institute of Research Science to build the capacity of scientists, 3) IRP Publishing to provide publishing services, 3) IRP Analytics to serve in analytical tools and techniques and facilitation in the areas of research methodologies and methods.

I appreciate the dedicated team of IRP and all associates, contributing in the success of R&D cause. I m proud to guide the team of IRP as Chairman. May Almighty Allah help IRP to make Pakistan a country of R&D.

Mr. Rahmat Ullah
Executive Director
Institute of Research Promotion

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