Technology Needs of Textile Chemicals

a) Pigment printing thickener

This product has been made sparingly in Punjab under Chinese technology but not successful. it is a major item of import with hundreds of containers coming in every year of this. It is not possible to print on pigment shades without it. It gives the viscosity to the printing paste and the depth of colour as well. Anyone breaking into a good workable and economic product will make millions certainly.

b) Zero formaldehyde based pigment printing fixer

Although the formaldehyde free dye fixer is around for a long time this product has not been in public reach cost wise nor effective enough but is the need of the day. There may not be so much demand but a regular trickle certainly as prices are currently in excess of rs 600 per kg.

c) Increased fastness levels of binder for pigment printing

A product that gives 4 fastness in wet and 4 in dry will revolutionize the industry. The numbers represent the grades of fastness with 5 being the highest fastness level and 1 the lowest. Currently all exporters are getting fastness issues with daily increase in demand of fastness from the buyers and any product to counter this will be a great addition.

4) Solid softener with low price and acceptable quality with good dissolving and zero shade changes

This is a general commodity item. Trouble is that it is higher in pricing and not many firms make it as the price levels are unsustainable. The market has great prospects of not only local but international sales as well.

5) One stop bleaching and desizing product

Generally the desizing takes around 24 hours to take place on an overnight roller. Bleaching comes after this. if one can develop a product fit for a continuous bleaching machine where u feed theĀ  sized fabric at one end and u take out the bleachedĀ  desized and washed fabric at the end within 30 minutes imagine the time and heat saving it can make.