Technology Needs of Sportswear Sector

R&D Needs of Sportswear Sector of Pakistan

Sportswear sector of Pakistan is export oriented and technology sensitive due to direct link with international market. The continues improvement in terms of new technologies, product innovation, cost reduction, environment friendly applications and  ore best-tailored sports needs can ensure the growth and competitiveness.

We request universities and researchers to plan and conduct researches on the issues of sportswear industry of Pakistan

•    To substitute imported chemicals used as leveler and fixers like Viscavin S-700 and Rewin KNR
•    To improve the performance of shades of colors
•    To develop disperse dyes for polyester which can be applied on less than 100o instead of 130o due to energy shortage
•    To produce economical Azo free dyes
•    To substitute imported fibers such as filament fiber (polyester)
•    To develop chemicals for water repellency and ultra violet rays protection
•    To develop high value fibers such as polypropylene, polyester combined with lycra and more body friendly fibers during sports plays
•    To improve washing off
•    To develop economical water treatment technologies
•    To develop economical water heating technologies
•    To analyze future trends and upcoming sportswear technologies in international market
•    To improve processes and design of low cost operations