Call for Projects

IRP is looking for scientists and students to develop technologies demanded by industry.

Idea/technology  to be emailed to or contact 0321-4917181

Water Treatment Technology

IRP is tasked by Industry  to develop local technologies for treatment of industrial waste water of textile dyes. The problems generally includes BOD, COD, TDC and pathogenic coli.

Herb Related Research

One of IRP partner industry has planned to invest in herbs processing unit and promotion of organized herbs cultivation having potential demand. We are looking for research like 1) identification of herbs having potential demand and cultivation areas 2) practice protocols of organized cultivation and 3) Natural products of potential herbs

Adhesive Technologies Needed – Win Industry Funded Project

IRP is looking for range of potential adhesives technologies for its industry partner. The technology is about developing a range of adhesive chemicals having market potential and viable for the market of Pakistan.

 Grain (Rice) Testing Meter

IRP is assigned by industry partner to develop Rice Testing Meter which can test physical properties of rice grains and compare with standard.

Developing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
We are looking for proposals ideas from scientists to develop APIs. Industry will sponsor all the chemicals for agreed upon projects. Industry will also pay to scientists of formulations are developed successfully.

See list of Target APIs –

Waste Oil Recycling/Purification Technology

In Pakistan we produce good amount of waste oil, if purified can turns into high value added products or used in place of diesel.

Oil 01: Waste oil is produced from coal gasification  process Oil 02: Crude oil is produced from processing waste tires, Oil 03: Waste oil comes from engines

IRP partner industry is looking for recycling/ purification process for two main purposes as:

Cellular Batteries

Industry is looking for research on materials formulation, engineering process design and Pakistan market survey of cellular batteries.

Leather Shaving Blades

Pakistan is among big leather exporter and user of leather blades for shaving. we are looking for technology related to blade metallurgy and mechanical production process.

Biofuel Technology
IRP is looking for scientists who have worked or have interest to work on any aspects of biodiesel like
1) Plant variety,  2) Plant nutrition to increase yield, 3) Efficient processing to extract oil, 4) Value of addition of byproducts and5) other aspects to make biodiesel more economically viable
HCL and Caustic Soda based Products
IRP is looking for potential technologies of products using HCL and Caustic Soda and having significant demand in Pakistan.
Solutions for Food Products
IRP is looking solution for problems like
  1. Un-Clarified apple juice has settling problem, where Starch and Pectin make suspended particle, that settle down with the time
  2. Sedimentation of milk solids in flavored milk drinks. Industry needs some stabilization solution for this specific drink
  3. Formation of oil ring at bottle neck position. Due to immiscible properties of water and oil, indusrty gets this problem
 Dehairng Enzyme
Pakistan leather industry needs technology to produce enzyme for dehairing of skins. we have pilot level enzyme production facility as well