Intr. Entrepreneurial Scientists

Intr. Annual Directory on Entrepreneurial Scientists

Call for Intr. Annual Directory on

Entrepreneurial Scientists- Serving Science and Society

published by South Asia Triple Helix Association - SATHA

We are looking for international representatives from various countries and regions to contribute the cases from their part of the world.

Here are some ToRs:

  • The cases are included in the directory under the country heading.
  • The country /region representative is acknowledged as author of the cases in the country part.
  • Author means the person who will interact with scientists, collect data, write cases and send to directory team.
  • The data is collected on prescribed form.
  • The country /region representative is required to send written cases on given format.
  • The authors are required to observe academic honesty and submit plagiarism report along with the cases.
  • The significant contribution to society or industry is required by the scientists to be included in the directory.
  • The scientist consent is essential for the case publishing.
  • The video documentary will be made by the SATHA Team.
  • The video documentary will include introduction by author and other contents.
  • The copy rights of the directory and documentary belong to SATHA -Publishing Agency.
  • The directory is published in the first quarter of every year. The cases are finalized till 30th December of every year.
  • The final decision about the contents and inclusion of cases is made by the researchers of study - Rahmat Ullah and Dr. Rashida R Zohra.

The interest may be emailed to