Technology Needs for Food Sector

Additives/Preservatives for Food Sector


•    Citric Acid    –  Acid Meilic   —-Fumeric Acid
•    Food grade flavors – they are imported in final form. Also imported as raw and blended in Pakistan
•    Gum base – it is imported in high volume and used in gum production
•    Liquid glucose — imported in high volume and also locally made by small firms/vendors.
•    Baking fat stable- imported and highly used in cream of all kind of sandwich biscuits
•    Food grade colors – currently non-food grade colors are used in confectionery, which has very dangerous effects on health.

General food industry

  • Culture – it imported and used in dairy industry in high volume
  • Pectin – it is imported and highly used in packed food- jam, jelly, etc
  • Asorbic Acid –
  • Calcium chloride-
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Vitamin A, B, C and D
  • Developing process of extraction and refining of rice bran oil
  • Designing bioreactor for enzyme production (dairy and allied sector)
  • Developing low cost packaging for bottled water
  • Developing solar based water cleaning process for rural domestic usage


Specific to Ghee and Oil Industry

•    Fuller earth
•    Activated carbon
•    Vitamin A and D
•    Nickle Catalyst