Entrepreneurial Scientists

The Entrepreneurial Scientists Project is based on regular research being conduced by Mr. Rahmat Ullah and Dr. Rashida R Zohra. The authors are investigating phenomenon of innovative scientists, regarding their impact and contribution in the society and industry.

This research has resulted into followings

  • A Book on Entrepreneurial Scientists
  • Entrepreneurial Scientists of Pakistan – Annual Directory
  • Video Documentaries of Entrepreneurial Scientists

The study is published in the form of annual directory of entrepreneurial scientists and video documentaries by South Asian Triple Helix Association (SATHA).

  • See the recent book on Entrepreneurial Scientists click here 
  • See video documentaries of Entrepreneurial Scientists   Click Here 

if you are an scientist and have some contribution in the society and industry, please email your interest to rafia@irp.edu.pk to be included in this regular study

The authors are also working on

  • Entrepreneurial Industries
  • Entrepreneurial CEOs
  • Entrepreneurial Universities
  • Entrepreneurial VCs/Rectors