Entrepreneurial Cases from Brazil

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Call for Entrepreneurial Cases from Brazil

Entrepreneurial Scientists- Serving Science and Society

Entrepreneurial Science Project is a continuous research to document the academic scientists who contribute in the society and industry through their academic inputs.
The project invites academic scientists of Brazil to share case studies, stories and works related to some impact in the life of people and organizations. Your story will be reviewed and may be considered for:

• Annual Directory of Entrepreneurial Scientists, published by South Asia Triple Helix Association
• Video documentary highlighting your impactfull work to be promoted all over the world

Daniel Pimentel, Lucas Delgado and Guilherme Rosso are authors of Brazil Chapter of Annual Directory of Entrepreneurial Scientists. This chapter will include case studies of Entrepreneurial Scientists from Brazil.

 o Annual Directory of Entrepreneurial Scientists - See on the Link 
o Video Documentaries of Entrepreneurial Scientists - See on the Link
o See the Recent Book on Entrepreneurial Scientists click here 

Email your story/case information to Daniel Pimentel - Email: daniel.pimentel@emerge.org.br - Contact +5511973559475

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