Upcoming Events

Advanced Quantitative Analysis using SPSS & AMOS in March 2014

Invention to Innovation Summit 2014 on 19-20 March

Policy Seminar on Research Assessment in Universities in May 2014 in LCCI

Policy Seminar on Research Assessment by Funding Agencies in August, 2014 in LCCI

Training on Library Tools/software (Greenstone, Dspace, Koha) in Last Week of March, 2014

Policy Seminar on Industry Driven Policy and Legislation for Applied Research

R&D News

Looking for volunteers in universities

Looking for scientists/students for research on APIs

Looking for trainers in applied and pure sciences research

Looking for students for internship and final thesis projects

Host our two hrs training session on technology development

Host our 45 mnts seminar on Invention to innovation summit 2014
Host short session online free for software/tool for research

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