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1) Looking for volunteers in universities   2) Looking for trainers in applied and pure sciences research   3) Looking for students for internship and final thesis projects   4)Host our two hrs training session on technology development   5) Host our 45 mnts seminar on Invention to innovation summit


1) 5th Innovation Summit 0n 2-3 March 2016 in LHR   2) Pre Summit LHR meeting in ICET Punjab University on 30th Jan. 2016   3) SATHA ORIC Session on Model Best Practices of ORIC Offices in LHR Summit   4) Policy Workshop on Commercialization of Research in LHR Summit   5) Mixed method research workshop on Feb 04, 2016 online   6) Innovation for venture creation on Feb 11, 2016 online   7) Free On-line Workshop on Automatic Citation Management Techniques Using EndNote Software – March 22, 2016


1) Conducted 200+ Training Workshops on Science and Technology   2) Conducted 20+ Technology Exhibition and Innovation Shows   3) Conducted 100+ Seminars on S&T Promotion/Awareness   4) Network of 500+ Innovators and Industrialists   5) Managing Annual 04 Innovation Summits in Provinces of Pakistan’s